This Congress will stake its soul to kill drug-addled minds who commit crime against a handful, but not those who are in perfect mental health but commit crime against the nation.

On Death Penalty:


Here’s the quick take on Capital Punishment:


Real root of drug-related crime: poverty.

Real root of poverty: corruption, like you know, flunderz.


If you kill small time criminals but not flundererz, you are proving the critics right, you are anti-poor.


Long Take: I wished for the death penalty so plunderers and absentee congressmen (congress is both Senate and House of Representative) can have their heads hacked off if proven guilty. Unang una kana, Senator.


I mean I am for killing hopeless criminals, like those who rape babies and those who rob and kill people, because we need to show these people we mean business. Though, I understand with our flimsy and turtle-paced judiciary, it will probably cause more harm than good. But it might get people second thinking before committing crimes. So for all intents and purposes, I say we can only mete death penalty if and only if we catch these criminals red-handed.


So, using the same logic, because they removed bigger sins like flunderz and treason in the list of death-deserving crimes, maybe they don’t want a deterrent against people who will commit such grievous acts?

Come on Lord Digong, we thought you had bigger balls than this.


On Rape Culture:


If you think rape culture doesn’t exist in the Philippines, you probably are a part of the problem.


Victim blaming is rape culture. How?

With all rape victims who are brave enough to surface to the media, most Pinoys sing them a song that goes like this:

Kasalanan mo yan, gabi na kasi

Tingnan mo suot mo, sobrang iksi

Lakwatsa ka ng lakwatsa

Uwi ba yan ng dalaga?

Ang arte arte mo naman

Bili ka ng sariling sasakyan


On PBA’s script:


Pahiya mga bobong haters. Game 7 daw ung finals, pero hanggang Game 5 lang hahaha.


On Dirk reaching 30,000 points:


What better way to do it than with that one-legged fadeaway?


Three of the biggest stars of the 2000s know how to sign off with a bang.


Kobe Bryant ended his career with a 60-point, 50-shot, fuck-all-them-haters performance and a bonus W over the Jazz. Tim Duncan retired after the season without drama, without attention, because Timmy does, what Timmy does.


And now, Dirk with his Flamingo Shot making him the sixth player to score 30,000 points in the NBA.


He still has a lot left in the tank, but with the Mavs having little to no chance  winning any titles soon, he’s better off teaching Kristaps Porzingis or any other unicorns on how to become the league’s standard of a Lone Star. #Maverickforlife.



On Twitter showing Mocha the finger:




Then releasing her back to Twitterverse hours later:


Huhuhuh Why?


On #SOGIE and Le Fou:

My friend posted on Facebook that the recent film adaptation of Beauty and the Beast followed the same rules that the last Cinderella movie.

It was made for the kids in the 90s, who are now in their 20s have a deeper understanding of the realities of life.

His best point: even the cartoon version of Le Fou is gay, since no straight guy will sing about how hot his bestfriend is.



On International Women’s day:


Luckily, I live among powerful women, that’s why I don’t see this often. But there are still people out there, both men and women, who think one gender is better than the other.


Well, try to live without the other, you’ll see who is better and who is not.



On Spiritual Renewal:


Since the internet became famous in the Philippines, all our Senate want to do these days is to have hearings in aid of legislation, and now, our Senate is reaching on the topic of spiritual renewal.


That’s got to be a new low?  Right



Last question. For once, can Trillanes file a formal case against all those who he claim are corrupt and go through with it?


Image Credit to GMA Network. 🙂