Before I go on and write my first post, let me tell you something about the weather.
It is February, northwest monsoons are expected to bring clouds that hide the sun and light drizzles that make the breeze cool.
But last Wednesday, it rained abnormally. A torrent we usually suffer in June or July poured on for 10 minutes during a February afternoon, followed by 20-30 minutes of rains hard enough for you to hear the tiny droplets of acid water tapping on your windows saying its about to flood outside in the already gridlocked streets of Manila.
For the poor unsuspecting souls crawling through Taft, it was like seeing an even more impassable labyrinth flooded with dark and muddy rainwater, overloaded vehicles, and stupid dolts who litter the environment with cigarette butts. Parte kayo ng problema tang inumin nyo.
I normally sleep through my commute and usually wake up after 40 minutes and about 300 meters away from Santo Domingo Church, where I normally step down from the van and start my 10-minute walk home. But because of the rains, I woke up and saw I was just halfway through my route. What usually takes me an hour and a half to creep along Espana and Quezon got lengthened to three hours.
Pessimists, like what I was before, will see this as a curse. But because we Manilenos have lived through this malediction of everyday life, we have grown to accept this as fate. Di nga daw ito CRITICAL, diba?.
But I am trying to be an optimist, and look at this instance not as a curse, but rather as a blessing, or as Ross Geller calls it, the gift of time. Shoutouts to FRIENDS fans!
Which is why I finally decided to spend these minutes to write this blog.
For this first post, I’d like to ramble on a few things, many of which are political, but some of which are about sports, or entertainment that I enjoy. (F redundancy!)
Ginebra breathed new life on to its dying fan base last October by doing what seemed impossible in the past decade – they won a focking championship! Some will say it was spoon-fed by the league and their sister teams, but I will say fuck yourself. It was rightfully earned, with a pinch of Tim Cone’s genius and a dash of miracle from Justin Brownl33.
Man, do I miss Justin. He and Sol Mercado were the only ones who consistently knocked down three pointers for the Kings last conference, and in this current All-Filipino Cup, even Sol cannot buy a basket from deep.
Ferrer, hopefully for us Ginebra fans, will one day grow accustomed to the pace and physicality of the league and will start draining threes with regularity, just like how it took him 3 years to get comfortable as a shooter for UST.
We can talk tactics, we can talk league dynamics and shit, but the Kings’ losses are mainly owed to their putrid outside shooting. Ginebra attempts a league-low 19.3 3-pointers per game, and make only 4.5 of them per match, owning a league-worst 23.6% conversion from the arc, which is really really really and really horrible. For comparison, NLEX Road Warriors are the second-worst at 7.7 makers from deep per night, but that team finished the season 2-9. Yikes.
The Kings will be up against Alaska in the quarterfinals, and are at a twice to win disadvantage. We fans live for these odds, and cherish the moments when the Kings successfully overcome them (remember the similar scenario against Rain or Shine?), but these are the Aces ( the ones who swept us after that moment with the Painters), and these people seem to have our number. I am hoping for miracles, but I am ready for the heartbreak too!
Usapang NBA naman.
I am a big fan of Kobe Bryant, and regard him as the Second Coming after the Holy Trinity of Wilt-Kareem-MJ.
But in terms of pure basketball sense, LeBron James trumps them all. He has the size and strength of a forward and the mobility, skill and vision of a guard.
During the peak of his athletic dominance, he matched up against centers and power forwards and paved way for the positionless basketball that we are loving right now.
LeBron is with the Cavs and they are the defending champions.
He has point guard dynamo Kyrie Irving, who can easily put up 30 points with 5 assists any given night, and he also has three time all-star Kevin Love, who has finally fit in and is averaging a 19-point, 11-rebound double-double for Cleveland this season. Manning the middle for them is Tristan Thompson, who not only is the NBA’s newest Iron Man, but also a rebounding machine who has a knack for keeping possessions alive and finishing well above the rim.
Like ringless NBA legend and famed Bron Bron hater Charles Barkley said, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis and other stars in struggling teams will kill to be in James’ situation. The Cavs Big 3 are technically Cerberus, leading a pack of hell hounds who are just as rabid and deadly.  But why is LeBron crying for another serviceable player?
And that is after he claimed that ‘superteams’ are being built to beat him. Who built the first super team in the modern era? *cough* The Decision *cough*
You’re the best player since MJ, the defending champion that nuthuggers say still has five years in his prime (ok), and has a very good “pace and space team” built to compete in the modern NBA. I suggest you man up and bask in the glory of beheading that four-headed hydra in Oakland.
And shame on you for making it personal with Barkley. #Diva.
I don’t want to admit it, but I am partly regretting my actions last May.
While I still stand my ground that Digong is the best choice, the last few months does not really make me feel that change has came.
Hold your tits: Hindsight is 20:20.
Economics was never the reason why we voted for the guy, it was his drug war that got our attention. Actually, it was his putangina antics and his roasting of Manuel Roxas, but that’s really a conversation for another day.
Like many politikos before him, Digong has forgotten why Pinoys voted for him – he vowed to get rid of the drug problem by killing drug lords.
But many months and manier (lels) silly Bato (concert pa more!) appearances later, has there been a drug lord who has tasted Digong’s wrath? Have they proven De Lima’s guilt? Which of the 7000 dead men was responsible for bringing in tons of shabu to the Philippines?
True, the killings lessened drug use for some people. Aminin nyo na, madami nang nanaba dahil umiwas sa bisyo.
But unless you burn the roots, this wretched vine of drug-related crime will keep spreading itself on our backyards.
Economics were never his strengths, so I dont really expect much from him on that aspect.
Also, our culture is so messed up I don’t think appointing Mocha Uson to any post is significant.
It is too early to make conclusions, though I wish things were trending on the right direction.
Like my sister said, Lord Digong is wasting his political capital. Anything he says is law to his millions of rabid sentinels (just try and read the comments of all political news posts), so Lord Digong is grasping a power to revolutionize the nation. But how has he fared? To quote Enzo Gayya: ‘Digong is revolutionary in form, but trapo in substance’.
He promised to quit after 6 months should he fail to arrest the drug problem. He effectively waved the white flag after ordering the police to pull back, so when’s he stepping down?
Pinangako na nga, tutuparin pa? Pasagasa ka na lang sa tren. Lol!
To end this first post.
It’s sad to be in a country where women are at fault for being harassed. It’s either they are wearing skimpy outfits, or staying out late at night, or being a girl in this chauvinistic culture.
What’s sadder: Some women blame other women for being victims of harassment.
It will forever be hard to prove, because harassment usually take place in a) crowded places like jeepneys, shuttles and trains, and b) perpetrators can easily stop when their victims or concerned people around try to gather evidence with cameras and stuff.
Because proof is hard to collect, most women don’t have the courage to speak out, and many cases of harassment goes unreported, leaving maniacs free and about.
The way to stop it is to enlighten people that they have a civic duty to teach their kids about proper values and respect to women.
For sexists out there, what will you do if your mother, your sisters, wives and daughters are the next victim of the crime?
Peace out 🙂